Dress in weather-appropriate workout attire with athletic flat soled or weightlifting shoes if you have them. Bring water!


"Training with Chris over the last two years at Dallas Strength and Conditioning has been one of the best decisions of my life. I came in with little experience with weight training and didn’t really know what to eat for strength training. Its been quite the journey and I feel great. I’m deadlifting well over 300 pounds and excited for the next milestones on all the lifts!”

”Chris has a great deal of knowledge and experience. He has taught me the proper technique on all the major and accessory lifts, and i’m always learning new things. We regularly consult on what i’m eating and my sleep habits.”

”At Dallas Strength and Conditioning, Chris has created a great environment in which everyone feels welcome, encouraged, and challenged no matter what the skill level.”

”I strongly recommend Dallas Strength and Conditioning for anyone who is serious about getting in shape and getting stronger."

"Great spot for a weightlifting workout. Had a chance to drop in and meet coach Brent Kim who was a wealth of knowledge. He had some technique pointers that I had never heard before and that were invaluable and helped drill a few weaknesses.”

”The facility is utilitarian and small, geared relatively exclusively to powerlifting and weightlifting. The gym has five or six weightlifting platforms, bearing and powerlifting barbells, iron and bumper plates, and a large rack for pullups, squats, and powerlifting.”

”I will definitely be back to train with Brent and this group again.”

"Chris at Dallas Strength and Conditioning is the most professional and educated fitness coach I have ever worked with. I have been a client for over a year and half, and as a serial quitter of anything fitness, I highly recommend this gym!"

"I can honestly credit Chris with helping me save my own life. Before I came here I was out of shape, sad and tired all of the time. With Chris’s encouragement, I realized a dream of becoming stronger, inside and out! He has been accommodating for questions and now I’m training for my first powerlifting meet. If you are intimidated about trying this gym, my advice is to stop that right now and go! The people are friendly, and everyone is willing to offer advice and a spot if needed. This place has turned my life around, and because I am in the best shape of my life now, I can realize a dream of becoming a firefighter. Thank you for helping me realize my potential, Chris!"