Semi-personal training is available for athletes or individuals who need a more individualized training experience. Everyone has a different training background and history; some of them may require closer observation and coaching. Maybe your goals are a little more specific and you feel they wouldn't be adequately addressed in a group training atmosphere. Or maybe you yourself strive for perfection, and you prefer the focused attention that isn't available in a larger atmosphere. 

Our expert instruction is concise, detail-oriented, and available to you in a semi-private setting. You will receive a full assessment and ongoing consultation to tailor a program to your specific goals. Training is conducted in a semi-private setting with no more than three individuals for an attentive, personalized training session to ensure you get quality and in-depth feedback with every repetition and exercise.


Build towards your athletic and fitness goals with individualized instruction and programming! Workouts, diet plans, and recovery processes are all managed and developed to fit your own goals and abilities by experienced and knowledgeable coaches.