Strength & Conditioning

Improve work capacity, build strength and muscle, and develop the foundation for solid cardiovascular conditioning. Perfect for athletes who use weight training and the gym to supplement their sport training, and also for gym rats who are interested in all-around fitness. Free weight-oriented training along with fun conditioning tools which will include:

  • Barbell strength movements. Move big weights for big improvements

  • High-intensity conditioning - never be bored on a treadmill

  • Group class setting with a positive atmosphere will be great for extrinsic motivation


A fast-paced and high-octane twist on cardiovascular conditioning. Don't limit yourself with steady-state cardio on treadmills or bikes, get in shape using a variety of challenging but fun movements and methods. Swing kettle bells and ropes, pull sleds, push prowlers, and lift and carry sandbags to challenge your whole body, elevate your heart rate, and drop fat.

  • Whole body movements at a safe but challenging pace will improve your overall conditioning. There's more than just running!

  • Intense workouts that will help you burn fat.

  • Motivate yourself and your peers in a group class setting.