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Dallas Strength and Conditioning has a combined experience of 25 years in strength sport, body recomposition, and health and fitness. Our knowledge base draws from successful body transformations, high-level competition in powerlifting and weightlifting, and a wide and varied resume in teaching, instructing, and coaching athletes and trainees of all backgrounds. We specialize in strength training, and by extension can improve:

  • Preparation for sport. Strength is an attribute that has a profound affect on athletic ability including work capacity, speed, power, and mobility. Hit harder, become more resilient, and develop the ability to handle more specific training for your sport by building a stronger body. 

  • Overall fitness. Whether you're seeking to challenge yourself for your own personal goals or simply wanting to build athletic longevity and health that will keep you not only functional but thriving in your old age, being physically stronger should be one of your top priorities. Strength allows you to work harder, and it will protect you from frailty. 

  • Body composition. There are many ways to lose weight. "Eat less, move more" is part of the equation, but there are a number of factors that can make that equation harder to balance for some individuals. Building muscle improves metabolic function through greater insulin sensitivity, higher basal metabolic rate, and a more favorable hormone profile conducive to fat-loss. Coincidentally, one of the best ways to build muscle is to lift progressively more weight over a long time scale. 

We know you can work hard. We harness your motivation with a smart approach to your goals. In addition to making mistakes and experimenting early in our own athletic careers, we've also seen a great deal of success, and we combine that practical experience with research-based knowledge to develop a program and coaching that will make the most out of your personal investment.